Derek Davis - Recording Artist - Singer/Songwriter/Musician/Performer/Producer.
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Resonator Blues

by Derek Davis

Released 06/01/2019
Released 06/01/2019
"Resonator Blues", is not your typical blues album.
It's a taste of Americana, Folk, Hillbilly, Southern twang, Traditional and Jump Blues all neatly forged together by a master craftsman “Derek Davis”.

Resonator Blues/Derek Davis

"Resonator Blues" contains twelve mesmerizing tracks of undeniable depth that pin the listener’s ears back and demand they sit up and take notice.
Bottle-Neck Slide is prevalent on nearly all the tracks along with the harmonica and sometimes a blistering Texas Telecaster lead will be heard.

This is a multi-storied album, a journey of sorts all rolled into one great magical music ride across America down highway 61.
There is a …
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